15 healths benefit of eating cucumbers

Cucumbers are fruits with alot of health benefit’s, in fact eating cucumbers almost every time could cut your risk of having cancer, And helps to keep you hydrated through out the whole day.
They are several health benefit of eating cucumber and today we shall cover 15 health benefits of eating cucumber.
1.  Cuts the risk of cancer
Eating at least one cucumber per day cuts the risk of having cancer by 80%.

2. Keeps you hydrated
Cucumbers is 96% water, thus eating two or three cucumber is quite equivalent to a glass of water.

3. prevent heartburn
After eating proteins food like bean, eating cucumbers helps to prevent heartburn, believe me you, eating cucumber prevents heart burn alot.

4. Stop itchy skin and sunburn
pick a big long dark color cucumbers, cut from the inside out, and rub the inside surface on your skin, it helps to prevent sunburn and also if you have an unknown itchy skin.
5. Gives you vitamins A, B and C:
eating cucumber or drinking it as a fruit juice empower your body, and nourishes your skin.
6. Nourishes the skin:
Possess magnesium, silicon and others to help nourish your skin.
7. Helps fight kidney stone and flushes out toxins:
Eating cucumbers helps fight against kidney stone the 96% of water helps to flush away toxins and other harmful substance in the body.

8. Helps in weight loss
You would loss significant weight if you replaces your snacks with cucumber.
9. Helps to fight blood pressure
Eating cucumber helps fight against low and high blood pressure.

10. Smooths hairs and nails:
silica found in cucumber helps in the better growth of your nails ans hairs.

11. Keeps kidney in good health condition:
it lowers the rate of uric acid in the kidney thus keeping the kidney in good shape.
12. Best for patient with diabetics:
It poses some hormone that is needed by the cells in the pancreas to produce insulin.

13. Reduces the rate of cholesterol: 
Sterol found in cucumber helps in the removal of bad cholesterol that may cause great damage in the body

14. Revives the eyes
Research shows that placing ice chilled sliced cucmber on the eye, helps in removing puffiness and under-eye bags.
15. Refreshes the mouth:
the water in cucumber helps to heal diseased gum, thus keeping your breath fresh.

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